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The Green Lantern Restaurant

Legend has it that over a century ago, on the beautiful shores of Lake Waubesa, a wooden structure stood that housed blocks of ice that the locals cut by hand. Tons of ice. When the ice was cut and ready to trasport to Chicago, the proprietor waved a “GREEN LANTERN” near the train tracks that still run behind our restaurant. This signaled the train’s conductor to stop and pick up the ice, to cool off Al Capone’s hot temper.

Today, the wooden structure still stands on the shores of Lake Waubesa and cools and Lake-Waubesa-Restaurant-and-Barsoothes thirsty and hungry patrons, from surf and turf, to soups and salads, breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night.

See why we’re the place to be, and be seen at, on Lake Waubesa.

The Green Lantern, or the Greenie as the locals call us.

The coolest place on Lake Waubesa, since the ice age.

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